Colombia Oeste San Sebastian
Colombia Oeste San Sebastian
Colombia Oeste San Sebastian

Colombia Oeste San Sebastian

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Slowly matured coffee cherries for pronounced natural sweetness - grown on farms in the deeply shaded western slopes of the Central Andes mountains.

Recommended as espresso, a premium batch brew or by individual brew methods.

Technical Info

approximately 100 small-holder farmers


La Plata, Huila

Caturra, Colombia

fully washed & sun-dried in covered patios or raised beds

1,500 - 1,900 meters

April - July / November - January

Tasting Notes
citrus fruit, brown sugar, nectarine, honey

Additional Information

This Colombian coffee comes from the San Sebastian de La Plata municipality of Huila. San Sebastian de La Plata resides on the eastern side of the Central Cordillera (Central Andes) mountain range. Farms in this region are located between 1,500 and 1,900 meters above sea level. In the past few years, coffees from San Sebastian have become favorites in the Specialty Coffee industry. This is due to their mix of the traditional Colombian flavor profile of caramel, citrus and chocolate, with some more exciting regional flavor notes of red fruit and citrus blossom.

Oeste San Sebastian is an even more unique version of this coffee. This is because it only consists of farms that reside on the western side of each mountain in this municipality. This is important because coffee maturation depends heavily on sunlight. When a coffee plant stays at cooler temperatures for longer and receives less direct sunlight, the plant will focus more of its energy into developing the sugar content in its seeds instead of growing larger. Being on the western side of each mountain causes the coffee plants to slowly warm up as the sun's rays finally reach the plants in the early afternoon. This extra shading of the coffee plants helps with extended sugar maturation, resulting in a natural sweetness in the coffee.

The elevated sweetness, juicy acidity and clarity of this coffee has quickly become a favorite of ours at Botanical. We're very proud to feature this unique Colombian coffee as our house coffee, and we look forward to continuing our support the producers from this region with premiums over 50% higher than the current market.

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