Zambia Kateshi Ngoli
Zambia Kateshi Ngoli
Zambia Kateshi Ngoli
Zambia Kateshi Ngoli

Zambia Kateshi Ngoli

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From estates that provide their workers with free housing, nurseries, a primary school, as well as a new medical facility. A true natural processed stunner with intense, yet balanced fruity flavors.

Recommended as individual brew methods and cold drip brewers.

Technical Info

Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, 4C

approximately 200 small-holder farmers


Mafinga Hills, Mafinga District

Catimor 129, Java, Miracle, Marsellesa

natural processed on raised beds

1,300 - 1,550 meters

July - December

Tasting Notes
strawberry, cocoa, marmalade, jammy

Additional Information

This coffee comes from the Northern Province of Zambia, bordering Tanzania to the east, Congo to the West, and Lake Tanganyika - the world’s longest fresh-water lake, to the north. The Northern Province in Zambia has some of the best growing conditions for arabica coffee due to its proximity to the equator and high plateau lands elevated in the Mafinga Hills. The Zambian coffee industry has only recently made advances towards entering the specialty industry. This has resulted in farms making infrastructure, process changes, and variety planting decisions during the age of easily accessed information rather than through hearsay.

Kateshi Ngoli represents two of three estates which are all part of a larger social and economic initiative in the area. Kateshi Estate is the main processing facility and is situated in the Mafinga Plateau, while Ngoli Estate is at a higher altitude in the Mafinga Hills. The blend of these two micro-regions together is what allows for such a complex yet balanced cup profile. Kateshi Estate’s cup profile adds the rich and jammy body with the slightly savory tropical fruit notes. Ngoli Estates cup profile adds the intense fresh fruit notes and the hints of florality to the coffee.

On these estates, upwards of 3,000 farm workers are provided with housing, staffed nurseries for young children and recreational facilities for the entire family. The primary school age children of the farm workers have access to a 900+ student school built specifically to enrich the future lives of families in this region. There’s also a new medical center for the families as well as a coffee research center for the community. This coffee research center is helping some 168 (and growing) neighboring small scale producers with providing them with technical assistance and experimental coffee varieties that will gain higher premiums in Zambia’s small specialty market. At Botanical Roasters, one of our values is to ensure that we work alongside companies in the specialty coffee industry whose mission aligns with our own. These social and economic programs out of Kateshi and Ngoli are truly helping to enrich the lives of people in remote growing regions.

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